Circa 1976 while working at the Gord Riesig pottery in Yarrow, BC.

After a long hiatus, I'm back on the wheel and playing with mud. I'll add some outlets for my products as they materialize. For now I have a display of pottery for sale at Dragonfly Arts Gallery in Chilliwack. Soon to have product available in Everbloom Designs in Abbotsford.

I will be updating the product list as new lines are completed, with a focus on coffee mugs.

All items are both dishwasher and microwave safe.

10 oz. (300 ml) traditional tankard mug in Dijon Green rimmed with Aegean Green.

10 oz. (300 ml) rounded white mug.

10 oz. (300 ml) traditional tankard mug in Aegean Blue.

10 oz. (300 ml) rounded mug in Aegean Green with Copper Oxide trim.

10 oz. (300 ml) V-style mug in  Aegean Blue with grooved decoration.

10 oz. (300 ml) V-style mug in  Aegean green with combed decoration in white slip.

10 oz (300 ml) Teal Blue mug Aegean Blue rim and groove decoraton.

14 oz. (400 ml) tankard in Teal Blue.

14 oz (400 ml) flat-lidded jar with white clay decoration under translucent Aegean Green glaze.

10 oz. (300 ml) flat-lidded jar with raised stamp decoration under Dijon Green glaze.