ZED Synopsis

ZED KALUSA is a twelve year-old boy who goes on a class field trip to an atomic collider located at The University of Saskatchewan. He and is two friends, PARIS and OZ, discuss a mysterious local man named "SCARY" LARRY after their bus passes a grain elevator, like the one he lives in.

During the collider visit, Oz is teases a classmate by flicking her hair-clip, which goes flying into the bowels of the atomic collider. Zed is standing beside the collider when it malfunctions; he is surrounded by a blue glow. Everyone panics and doesn't notice how he disappeared for a few seconds.

On the ride back to school, Zed experiments with the five-sided cube that appeared in his mind's eye after the accident. Paris is shocked to see him flatten against the bus bench. He tells her that's the result of focusing on the red side of his mental cube.

Here are the first five chapters of this story for your enjoyment. If you're interested in reading more, a little note of encouragement would go along way.