Cuddleberry Cove

"Cuddleberry Cove is a special place we like to visit, maybe you've been there before? It's just North of Southville and just East of Westburg, right where the Melody River runs into the Harmony sea. My name is Orville, the engineer of the Cuddleberry Cove Express. Hang on to the handrail and watch your step as you climb aboard. Find a place to sit in one of the soft leather seats and we can begin. I'll just pull the big lever back and put some hissing steam to those shiny steel wheels. Let's go for an exciting adventure in Cuddleberry Cove!"

This is a story series that started out as a puppet program my wife and I developed in 1989. When the traveling got too much for us, I started writing short stories using this theme. I also developed an audio skit version of some the stories that we tried for a vacation Bible school format.